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3 months ago

F# will solve your everyday problem without a headache

Tomas Jansson FSharp   functional  

The last couple of days I had two experiences that triggered this post. The first one was a question at work regarding how to model a finite state machine (FSM) in java or a language similar to java.…

5 months ago

F#, event sourcing and CQRS tutorial... and agents

Tomas Jansson FSharp   Event Sourcing   CQRS   functional  

Last year I wrote a post about Pure Functional Application for the F# advent calendar, I really think it is a great initiative so I signed up again. This is my contribution to this year's F# advent ca…

6 months ago

Npm build with F# FAKE

Tomas Jansson FSharp   FAKE   npm  

Most web project to day has some javascript in them, and you should really build the javascript to minify them and also to find stupid errors. It would be stupid to implement the build part all over a…

6 months ago

React hot load and ASP.NET 5

Tomas Jansson 5   react   react-hot-load   webpack  

One or two months ago I saw a presentation by Dan Abramov about hot loading and react. I have't done much react and I haven't done much webpack which is used to do this, but I know I wanted a sample f…

7 months ago

Take control of your build, CI and deployment with FSharp FAKE

Tomas Jansson FAKE   FSharp   AppVeyor   Octopus Deploy   Azure  

I've been using TeamCity for quite a while and trusted it to do the right thing when it comes to building. It has a lot of built in feature to do so, but the moment you start to define your build insi…

7 months ago

Constraints in FSharp

Tomas Jansson FSharp   .NET  

Constraints in F# is a really powerful feature, but it is also an area that I think is missing some clear documentation about how to use it. This will be a short write up for future me when I need it,…

a year ago

Suave as a service with Topshelf

Tomas Jansson FSharp   Topshelf   Suave  

As you can read in Topshelf F# api improved I started working on a demo, but it magically grown to include a change to the Topshelf.FSharp project. The good part with this is that to run Suave with To…

a year ago

Topshelf F# api improved

Tomas Jansson FSharp   Topshelf  

My plan was never to improve the F# api for Topshelf, Topshelf.FSharp, but Henrik Feldt asked me to when he saw what I was doing when working with a Suave, which Henrik is a core contributor of, demo…

a year ago

NDC Oslo 2015 wrap up

Tomas Jansson functional   FSharp   NDC  

At NDC Oslo 2015 I had the opportunity to speak, and it was a fun experience. My talk, F# as our day job by 2016, was part of the functional track and it was a popular track. I had well over 100 peopl…

a year ago

ASP.NET 5: Hosting your application in Docker

Tomas Jansson 5   docker   .NET  

A couple of weeks ago I had a presentation about ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6 at NNUG Oslo. The presentation wasn't recorded so I thought I just write some blog posts about it insted. This will be a serie of p…