About me

Should Tomas write this in third person or should I write this as myself, I never know. I'll try to write it as myself. I'm a software developer that know there are tons of stuff I don't know. I started programming at high school in the mid/late 90's and the interest in creating software has increased a lot since. After high school I went straight to Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg were I got my M.Sc. in Computer Engineering, with a specialization towards "Applied mathematics" and "Algorithms".

After my univeristy I thought I wanted to work for a major consultancy firm, so I joined Accenture and started doing some ABAP coding in a SAP project. It didn't take me long to realize that that kind of enterprise software isn't something I believe in. I truly believe that you can deliver software better, cheaper and at the same time have more fun than you do in those kind of SAP projects. After the six months I spent at Accenture I went to a smaller consultancy firm, Netlight Consulting, where I did programming in java, perl, javascript, html and finally C#/.NET for various customers.

.NET has been my main focus since 2007 or 2008, and I've been working hard with community work and self study to learn my way around. The work has paid of and I'm now an Microsoft MVP, board leader of NNUG Oslo and have spoken at multiple conferences and user groups the last couple of years.

Even though my focus area is and has been .NET the last couple of years I do study other languages, mainly functional like erlang and haskell. I'm a true believer that we will build better software using functional languages, like F# in .NET, than we do in OO languages so that is one of my focus areas as of the moment.

And that I think finish of my little introduction about myself.