Introducing F# intro

A couple of months back I was asked if could do a introductory workshop about F# for Active Solution during their internal conference in the Pyrenees, Spain. Of course I said yes and that was the start of this brand new workshop material for F#.


When I have previously done introductory workshops in F# I have used the awesome material from by Jorge Fioranelli, but this time decided to create my own material. The reason for doing so is that I wanted the material to feel more like my own while presenting it, and I also wanted to contribute back to the community. Both Jorge's workshop and my have a lot of similarities and cover much of the same material, as they should since they are introductory workshops, but there are small differences in the way it is structured. I really do recommend the workshop by Jorge's as well, and I even think it make sense to go through both for repeated learning.

I felt that the workshop was well received, but I leave that to the kind people at Active Solution to confirm :). The initial plan was that I would get four hours, but due to some delays I got roughly 2-2.5 hours, so you will need at least four hours to cover everything in a workshop setting. It is likely that it will take even longer if you have an curious crowd, as I had, since that will most likely result in a lot of questions, which I think is more important to answer than actual progress in the workshop. So when doing the workshop I recommend time boxing the workshop and do as much as you can.

You can find the start of the workshop at this link, which contains all the presentation slides and links to github repo and exercises.

Let me know if you have any questions. If you find anything that is wrong in the material or have any question regarding the workshop, please comment here or open an issue on github.