How to start IIS Express with PowerShell

I had a presentation about SignalR last week at BEKK. In the presentation I wanted to show what a scale out scenario could look like, and to do that I need at least two instances of a web application. Using the script below I was able to fire up two instances of the same application on different ports in IIS Express.

	[string] $port = $(throw "Port is required.")
$iisExpressExe = '"c:\Program Files (x86)\IIS Express\iisexpress.exe"'
$path = (Resolve-path .)
Write-Host $path
Write-host "Starting site on port: $port"
$params = "/port:$port /path:$path"
$command = "$iisExpressExe $params"
cmd /c start cmd /k "$command"
Start-Sleep -m 1000
Write-Host "Site started"

That was all I wanted to share today. Hope someone find it useful.