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7 years ago

Effective continuous deployment with TeamCity, Octopus Deploy and PowerShell

PowerShell   Octopus Deploy   DevOps   TeamCity   Continuous Deployment  

I've been a solid user of TeamCity for the last 3-4 years and started using Octopus Deploy for about a year ago. Since then I have set up multiple configurations at several different sites and thought…

7 years ago

Parsing json with PowerShell and Json.NET

PowerShell   json  

I've been working lately on a set of scripts to automate setup of computers (I will write more about those later). With setup I mean from a web-developers perspective, so it includes setting up IIS, a…

7 years ago

How to start IIS Express with PowerShell

IIS Express   PowerShell  

I had a presentation about SignalR last week at BEKK. In the presentation I wanted to show what a scale out scenario could look like, and to do that I need at least two instances of a web application.…