I was features on two Microsoft blogs this week

Earlier this week I got features on two Microsoft blogs, both in Norwegian though. Both the articles are based on the same interview, but they have two different angles; one is about inspiration and one is about developers. The one with the inspirational angle has the title: "It is as a developer you get things done" and the other one is just a presentation about the developers behind the code. This is part of serie of articles where Microsoft will show some people that do work in the Microsoft landscape and is visible in the community. I'm honored and glad to be the first one out. If you want to read they are located here: https://inspirasjon.microsoft.no/2014/11/05/det-er-som-utvikler-man-far-ting-gjort/ (inspiration) and http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dpenorway/archive/2014/11/06/ansiktet-bak-koden.aspx (general development)