I'll be doing a polyglot talk at NDC London

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Yey! My polyglot talk for NDC London got accepted so it looks like I'll be in London in December for the second year in a row. The talk will be a compressed version of the CQRS blog serie I wrote earlier this year. The title of the talk is "Polyglot heaven - how to build a async, reactive application in 2014". As you realize from the title the focus is on polyglot rather than CQRS and picking the right tools for the right job. There is a lot of things that I'll cover in the talk like, CQRS, event sourcing, Event Store, Neo4j (graph database), Elastichsearch (search database) and I'll do programming in both F# and C#. I'm not sure how I'll fit it into one hour, but that is my goal.

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