Git Cheat Sheet


  • Create branch

    git checkout -b <branch name>

  • Delete local branch

    git branch -d <branch name>

  • Delete remote branch

    git push origin :<branch name>

  • Synchronize your local branches with remote branches

    git fetch -p|--prune

Getting changes

  • Simple get changes from remote

    git fetch <remote name>

  • Simple get changes and merge into your repository

    git pull [<remote name> [<remote branch>]]

Working with remotes

  • Add remote

    git remote add <name> <url>

  • Delete remote

    git remote rm <name>

  • Rename

    git remote rename <old name> <new name>

  • Listing of remote branches

    git remote show <remote name>

  • Checkout and track remote branch

    git checkout --track <remote name>/<remote branch>

Pushing the code

  • Initial push (to set the uplink)

    git push -u <remote> branch

  • If you have the upling set

    git push

Showing the changes

  • Show changes

    git log

  • Show changes with graph

    git log --graph

  • Show changes for all branches (with graph)

    git log --graph --all

  • Show one line per commit

    git log --pretty=oneline

    pretty has the following options: oneline, short, medium, full, fuller, email, raw.

Handling merge conflicts

  • Take source file

    git checkout --theirs <file>

  • Keep your file

    git checkout --ours <file>

Diffing between branches

  • Regular diff with master

    git diff master..<branch name>

  • Get the name of the files that has changed

    git diff --name-status master..<branch name>


  • Creating an annotated tag (recommended)

    git tag -a <tag name> -m '<message>'

  • Creating an annotated tag from a checkin

    git tag -a <tag name> -m '<message>' <commit checksum>

  • Listing all tags

    git tag

  • Listing a defined list of tag

    git tag -l 'v1.4.*'

  • Show tag info

    git show <tag name>

  • Checkout from tag

    git checkout <tag name>

  • Sharing one tag

    git push origin <tag name>

  • Sharing all new tags

    git push origin --tags