5 years ago

Pure functional applications (in F#)

Tomas Jansson functional   Event Sourcing   CQRSShop   eventstore   FSharp  

How did I end up here? I'm not an F# expert, so it is somewhat weird to be in an F# calendar with all these awesome F# developers. It started with me tweeting the obvious to Sergey Tihon. My tweet, th…

5 years ago

Moving standard OWIN middleware to vNext middleware

Tomas Jansson OWIN   vnext   middleware   asp.net  

Earlier I wrote a post in how to create a OWIN middleware, http://blog.tomasjansson.com/useful-owin-middleware-healthcheck/. Of course I should have written it targeting vNext but I didn't. One good t…

5 years ago

Your application should be a pure function

Tomas Jansson functional   CQRS   Event Sourcing   cqrs   CQRSShop  

What does application has to do with functions you might ask? Everything is my answer! It's now a couple of months since I finished my blog serie about CQRS and event sourcing. You can read the endin…

5 years ago

I was features on two Microsoft blogs this week

Tomas Jansson work   microsoft  

Earlier this week I got features on two Microsoft blogs, both in Norwegian though. Both the articles are based on the same interview, but they have two different angles; one is about inspiration and o…

5 years ago

Puppet & Windows

Tomas Jansson DevOps   puppet   vagrant  

I've spent some time the last couple of weeks playing around with Puppet (and Vagrant) on Windows after reading through Puppet Cookbook and Beginner's guide from John Arundel. Even though the books do…

5 years ago

I'll be doing a polyglot talk at NDC London

Tomas Jansson speaking   conferences  

Yey! My polyglot talk for NDC London got accepted so it looks like I'll be in London in December for the second year in a row. The talk will be a compressed version of the CQRS blog serie I wrote earl…

5 years ago

Useful OWIN middleware: HealthCheck

Tomas Jansson OWIN   asp.net  

In many of todays web application we often forget to implement some kind of health check. I think this is because we tend to overthink the problem. Health check might be hard to solve in a generic way…

6 years ago

So you want to program the web with FSharp?

Tomas Jansson functional   OWIN   Simple.Web   FSharp  

I couldn't find any really great how tos about doing web programming with FSharp, so I thought I would figure it out myself my own way. The problem The problem with web programming and FSharp is two a…

6 years ago

Ending discussion to my blog series about CQRS and event sourcing

Tomas Jansson CQRS   Event Sourcing   cqrs   elasticsearch   CQRSShop   eventstore   neo4j  

In the last couple of posts I've walked you through how to get started writing an application with eventstore, elasticsearch and finally neo4j. The code is on github. I'm quite sure that implementing…

6 years ago

CQRS the simple way with eventstore and elasticsearch: Let us throw neo4j into the mix

Tomas Jansson CQRS   Event Sourcing   elasticsearch   CQRSShop   eventstore   neo4j  

We need a change in the industry. All to often we defend old solutions just because we don't know the alternative. I know that sometime it might be good to slow things down and keep using the old stuf…