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4 years ago

Take control of your build, CI and deployment with FSharp FAKE

FAKE   FSharp   AppVeyor   Octopus Deploy   Azure  

I've been using TeamCity for quite a while and trusted it to do the right thing when it comes to building. It has a lot of built in feature to do so, but the moment you start to define your build insi…

5 years ago

Programming the Azure Active Directory with F#

Azure   FSharp   Azure Active Directory  

I've been playing around with both Azure and F# lately and thought that I would share my knowledge about programming the Azure Active Directory using F#. It took some time to find some good example co…

7 years ago

Configuring Windows Azure Access Control Service

security   .NET   Azure  

When implementing an application I think it is nice if you can focus your development solving the problems the application should solve and almost nothing else. Most of the time authentication isn't r…