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5 years ago

Programming the Azure Active Directory with F#

Azure   FSharp   Azure Active Directory  

I've been playing around with both Azure and F# lately and thought that I would share my knowledge about programming the Azure Active Directory using F#. It took some time to find some good example co…

5 years ago

Pure functional applications (in F#)

functional   Event Sourcing   CQRSShop   eventstore   FSharp  

How did I end up here? I'm not an F# expert, so it is somewhat weird to be in an F# calendar with all these awesome F# developers. It started with me tweeting the obvious to Sergey Tihon. My tweet, th…

6 years ago

So you want to program the web with FSharp?

functional   OWIN   Simple.Web   FSharp  

I couldn't find any really great how tos about doing web programming with FSharp, so I thought I would figure it out myself my own way. The problem The problem with web programming and FSharp is two a…