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4 years ago

Moving standard OWIN middleware to vNext middleware

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Earlier I wrote a post in how to create a OWIN middleware, http://blog.tomasjansson.com/useful-owin-middleware-healthcheck/. Of course I should have written it targeting vNext but I didn't. One good t…

5 years ago

Useful OWIN middleware: HealthCheck

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In many of todays web application we often forget to implement some kind of health check. I think this is because we tend to overthink the problem. Health check might be hard to solve in a generic way…

5 years ago

So you want to program the web with FSharp?

functional   OWIN   Simple.Web   FSharp  

I couldn't find any really great how tos about doing web programming with FSharp, so I thought I would figure it out myself my own way. The problem The problem with web programming and FSharp is two a…

5 years ago

Owin middleware

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Owin middleware In the last post I showed you how to create a simple "Hello World" application, the next step is to take advantage of the Owin pipeline. I'm going to use the application from the last…

5 years ago

Hello Owin!

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I'm planning to write a couple of short posts describing how to get started with Owin and how Owin works. This first will show you how to create the simplest self hosted "Hello World" application. Let…